I don’t fly anywhere, so I don’t need to worry about having a project to knit on a plane, or whether they’ll confiscate my knitting needles at the gate, but I do occasionally travel as a passenger by train or car, and it’s nice to have a portable project to bring along for the ride. A basic plain jane top down straight knitting sock pattern fits the bill for that perfectly. The last time I was on the train, I was knitting these socks. A friend brought me back this yarn from Ireland (if you google King Cole Zig Zag sock yarn, you may find it – this place delivers worldwide for quite reasonable rates but I have yet to shop there) and it is the softest, most wonderful feeling sock yarn. The colors make me think of citrus fruits, so I call them my Citrus Socks. I was VERY impressed with how soft this yarn got once it was washed.

So, anyway – back to the train ride. There I was contemplating getting out my sock project when another woman sat down with a big tote bag stuffed full of her latest baby blanket project – plus a couple of others she’d already finished. Interesting how one person’s version of “portable project” can be very different from another’s, heh? One of the other passengers sat next to her and she started explaining the difference between knit and crochet. I’m still a little surprised that most people don’t know the difference between the two. I never did get to chat with the fellow knitter on the train, but it made me happy to discover another traveler with knitting needles.

As for these “Citrus Socks” I actually enjoy the colors “pooling” like this. I know it really bugs some knitters to have this happen and they go to great lengths to avoid it. I think it’s kinda neat. I have another skein of this to knit, and I think I’ll use a pattern that does play with the colors a little more. The Jaywalker pattern is a really good one for that purpose.

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Fibertrends Felted Slippers again

February 23, 2013
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I love to wear these slippers.  Once I finally get a pair made, I wear them out probably faster than it took me to make them.  Not that they’re difficult to knit – I just tend to procrastinate this project for some reason.  I think this last pair took me the better part of a […]

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Scraps of paper and some glue…

June 25, 2012
Little Darlings Memory Box

Did I mention I have recently won a couple of prizes online?  And this time, I actually GOT them!  (The one time I’d won something before it never materialized.)  I have always been one of those folks who never wins anything.  So, when I entered a give-away or two recently I didn’t do it with […]

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Crafty diversions

April 16, 2012
Lizard Mittens

…so yeah, I finished the mittens and got them sent off to my youngest grandchild. They were pretty close to the same size (always a plus!).  I’m not sure they ever got worn or if they fit as I got zero feedback on them from the parents.  But, I got them finished and delivered as […]

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Lizard Mittens

November 6, 2011
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This is one adorable little mitten. I hope it isn’t too small. Pattern here.  So, I guess I can say I am officially 50% done with this project – because I even have the thumb finished.  And look – there’s another lizard on the thumb! And of course the inevitable OOPS on the palm pattern, […]

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